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by Robert Stanford


I understand that everyone wants to make money but if you are going to invest in Cannabis Growing you need to be able to compete with the other growers or you may lose your money.



Large Used Industrial Building:     Last week a new micro grower purchased a 2,000 square foot building for $1.200,000 asking for a mortgage.   This is $600 per square foot cost just for the building.   My wife Julia our Real Estate expert smiled and said he will never pay for the building.   This is true when you consider Julia buys large buildings for Cannabis at $50 to $75 per square foot.   Many growers wanting to design build a custom beautiful building have exactly the same problem, what is the cost per square foot to purchase or lease the building.   Please be careful of this huge mistake.


Construction Cost:     Kind words of advice for individuals that wish to do it on their own remember it is a very competitive world.   Cannabis is sold by market quality at competitive pricing.   You have no say in the price.   This leaves only the cost to produce and quality at your discretion.   Of course, your construction cost will be less than a company building 30 micro grows at a time, we understand your really a builder.   Will your electrician charge the same for a small building as he/she will charge for 30 units?   How much research will you have to do to figure out the best equipment to buy?   Don’t worry a beginner can do as well as a seasoned Cannabis company.


Expertise:     What strain will you grow?   Will you find quality employees or hire a friend?   Did you remember to confirm an abundance of power supply when you bought your building or do you have an offensive bill to pay.   How many buyers do you have, yes licensed buyers and how much will they pay?   Why do people buy a Franchise?   The answer is very simple.   The Franchisor has already learned everything the hard way and offered a solution before you know there is a problem.


Sell Your Investment:     So you buy the building and learn how to grow.   When it is time to sell what will you do?   Remember the word compete.   Selling a business can be difficult as well.   Here comes an investor now with money in his pocket.   He has a few questions for you:

Why so much money the industrial franchise is less?

Who will manage the business for me?

Who are the buyers?

Why don’t you sell to Germany like big companies?

Why is your THC so low?


Ladies and Gentlemen the best advice that we can give anyone is to come to a meeting with the Franchisor, ask all of your questions, listen and learn.   Last Wednesday was our first public meeting and I learned things about Cannabis quality and price that I did not know from six months of work.


We expect to meet in Concord near Steeles and Dufferin each Wednesday evening.   Everyone is welcome.   Please email me to confirm availability and address.   Thanks










by Robert Stanford


An experienced businessman launching a new micro grow opportunity to the market in the new year is looking for a Pre-Buyer of a micro grow instead of getting financing.


Money:     The money from the sale will be used for some of the high soft costs of starting a Cannabis Micro Grow Company.   Buyers lawyer and sellers lawyer will finalize the details of the agreement satisfactory to both parties.   Money will stay in the lawyers Trust Account except as directed by the buyer in his/her agreement to be used to pay start up costs.


Buy Back Guarantee:     As part of the lawyer negotiated deal if for any reason the micro grow buyer is not happy upon completion this first buyer only can have his/her money back with interest when the company is fully operational.


If you would like further details please arrange a meeting with the seller in my office face to face.


Call Robert Stanford

(289) 697-7000



Please note that we are not stock brokers or investment brokers but we are often contacted by Cannabis Companies looking for investors.   Our office can and will not offer any due dilligence or advice to prospective investors but if you wish contact information we are happy to assist.   Please be very careful and have your professionals (lawyer, accountant and o on) check everything for your own protection.