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TIPS Telephone & Internet

1- When looking  for a new office space the first question should be, what is the speed of the internet available here ?, as most of today’s file sharing, and software programs require a minimum of 25 MB down and 10MB , no data cap, to function properly.


2-  BUNDLES  These are not a good idea, what seems like a cost saving, is really a “LOCKED IN” commitment by you, the purchasor to a FIXED TERM commitment, but not a FIXED PRICE commitment. You see in order to offer this bundle, one of the products quality suffers, to get you this good looking price, but should you want to chage anything, your bundle price changes, and a new fixed term is started anew on the date of the change.


3- FIXED COPPER LINES – These dedicated and expensive services are fast going the way of the DODO bird. What was once a nececessary division, has now been effectively blurred into cost saving VoIP technology. This means that your internet connection can carry both voice and data traffic and at a fraction of the cost of those copper lines.


4- HOSTED SERVICES – These are now becoming the mainstay of office communications. It used to be that you would purchase a system from a large company(Many whom no longer exist) because it was a comfort to go with a known name. The thing is, every one of these manufacturers has built in obselecense, and is just trying to sell product. Hosted services for the most part does away with this. There is no need to puchase the big box.Today you are able to purchase any manufactures offerings  of VoIP telephone and group them together, based on your tastes and budget. Gone are the days of having to buy propietery equipment from one manufacturer, and then depend on their dealer network for service. A smart consumer gives themselves many choices, and does not lock themselves into exclusitivity.


5- REMOTE ADMINISTRATION – This is now possible with all VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocal) systems, and saves time and money when program changes need to be made. The days of having to dispatch a service technician at a costly minimum 2 hour service call, that takes 2 minutes are gone. Most changes take less than 10 minutes and can be done immediately, by a qualified technician while you wait a few moments on the phone, and are usually covered by your monthly hosting fee, so NO EXTRA COSTS involved.